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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 8:50 pm 

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I am trying to preload historical data from a provider into a barseries to which live bars will be added as they come in. Note that I will have multiple time frames and want to use >1 bar series. For my 15-second series, I want to pass the barseries to the HMA user indicator (as posted by Sergey in

Below is the code for my 15-second bars:

DateTime startOfTrdDay = new DateTime(2012, 5, 9, 12,0,0);
      Instrument baseInstrHist = InstrumentManager.Instruments["@ESM12"];
      TradeSeries histTrdSeries = GetHistoricalTrades("NFIQFeed", baseInstrHist, startOfTrdDay,
      BarSeries histBarSeries = DataManager.CompressBars(histTrdSeries, BarType.Time, 15);
      BarSeries bs_15sec = GetBars(myInstr, BarType.Time, 15);
      foreach (Bar bar in histBarSeries) bs_15sec.Add(bar);

This is working without problem.

Sergey's HMA indicator code is:

/// <summary>
   /// HMA conversion.
   /// </summary>
public class HMA: UserIndicator
   private int period;
   private BarData barData;
   WMA wma1;
   WMA wma2;
   WMA diffWma;
   BarSeries diffSeries;
   public int Period
      get { return period; }
      set { period = value; }
   public BarData BarData
      get { return barData; }
      set { barData = value; }
   public HMA(ISeries series, int period, BarData barData) : base (series)
      this.period = period;
      this.barData = barData;
      this.Name = "HMA, Period = " + period;
      wma1 = new WMA((BarSeries)Input, (int)(period / 2) * 2);
      wma2 = new WMA((BarSeries)Input , period);
      diffSeries = new BarSeries();
      diffWma = new WMA(diffSeries, (int)Math.Sqrt(period));
   public HMA(ISeries series, int period)
      : this(series, period, BarData.Close)
   public override double Calculate(int index)
      if (wma1.Count == 0 || wma2.Count == 0)
         return double.NaN;
      double hma = double.NaN;       
      if (index > period - 1)
         double value1 = 2 * wma1.Last;
         double value2 = wma2.Last;
            value1 - value2,
            value1 - value2,
            value1 - value2,
            value1 - value2,
         if (diffWma.Count == 0)
            return double.NaN;
         hma = diffWma.Last;
         return hma;
         return double.NaN;

My next line of code following the barseries assignment is:

userInd.HMA hma = new userInd.HMA(bs_15sec, 4, BarData.Close);

When the code enters this line, it correctly enter the constructor: HMA(ISeries series, int period, BarData barData). However, it executes the first 3 lines of code and then exits (entering into the Calculate method). I do not know why this is occurring and cannot resolve it.

If I call the HMA indicator on a barseries to which I have not appended historical bars (i.e. using GetBars methods without including any preloaded bars), the HMA code works properly and without incident. I gather from this that I must be doing something incorrect in my assignment of historical bars to the barseries. Can someone please advise what mistake I am making?

Thank you.

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