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Quant developer - Bay area (San Francisco, Berkeley...)- CA
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Author:  Wilhelm [ Mon Aug 28, 2006 10:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Quant developer - Bay area (San Francisco, Berkeley...)- CA

I am a project manager, software architect and software engineer / quant developer / algo trading. I love writing code and I love trading. I live in the Bay Area (San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland ), CA.

I basically have been developing with SQ since 2005, I can customize anything or write any type of trading algo, indicator, special bar, optimization or specific connection, monitoring tool, report, or optimizing it..... I know really well the code.
I think there is not one piece of SQ code I didn't touch during all those years.

If you are an existing SQ customer I bring a lot of experience on the field and on this tool, if you are a new SQ customer I can help you start pretty quickly (no learning curve).

Happy trading


Contact me via the private email through this forum to get my resume and get in touch with me. I basically have 20+ years of experience in delivering software (c#, Java, c++).
I have a Master in Computer Science from a top engineering french school. I'm pretty familiar with futures and commodities.
I also have fundamental, technical analysis, price action, volume delta, algo trading, optimization, back testing, walk forward, mathematical and AI knowledge.
QD is a great tool, and is very fast and can be customize at will (not like most of the other frameworks)

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