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Remember my application window sizes please
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Author:  kkkwj [ Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:48 am ]
Post subject:  Remember my application window sizes please

Currently OQ does not remember and save the application window size when it shuts down. Instead, it always starts up with the app window in Maximized state, even if I had it carefully resized to the best size for my screen and application needs.

This is not optimal because it does not follow normal Windows application standards, and because it forces me to resize the app window whenever I boot it up (unless I want to leave the maximized state).

In particular, I'm trying to write a new round of documentation for OQ, QuantBase, QuantRouter, and QuantTrader, and I have to take carefully sized screenshots (many dozens of screenshots) of the applications in order to best fit the documentation. So I have to manually resize the apps with a ruler on my screen to get the proportions right, every time I want to take a screenshot.

I can mitigate this long-standing problem by using a little application called Sizer (that was finally upgraded to Win7 this summer), but I still think SQ apps should remember (1) their closing window state (maximized or not), and (2) the non-maximized window size (which should be used to size the window on the next application start).

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