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Move Start Page menu item to the main View menu
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Author:  kkkwj [ Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:53 am ]
Post subject:  Move Start Page menu item to the main View menu

Currently OQ provides the View, Other Windows, Start Page menu choice on a submenu of the main View window.

This is not optimal because the Start Page is the only lonely menu choice on the Other Windows menu, and because there is lots of room on the main View menu for the start page menu choice. The start page is a very important window in OpenQuant because it is the main way for users to load their recent projects. So it should be easy to access on the main View menu.

In addition, even Visual Studio puts their Start Page on the main View menu, where it can be easily seen and loaded. It seems to me that OQ, being modelled after VStudio and other IDEs, should also put the Start Page on the main menu where users can find it and activate it more easily.

If this simple change was made, OQ would be more user friendly and would have one less submenu to deal with.

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