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Please add TT FIX order execution to OQ2014
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Author:  M101 [ Tue May 10, 2016 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  Please add TT FIX order execution to OQ2014

I see OQ2014 is able to receive TT FIX market data, but is not able (without Quantrouter) to do TT FIX order execution. Please add TT FIX order execution to OQ2014 .

Couple other things to consider if/when adding it:

1. Please add the ability to use TT FIX in OQ2014 (for market data and/or order execution) via simply just entering a Username and Password, rather then having to enter things like SenderCompID, TargetCompID, and so on.
I ask because I have spent the past few hours trying to get Quantrouter to connect to TT FIX (via entering info such as SenderCompID, TargetCompID, and so on) and have not been able to get it to connect nor have received any error messages explaining why it can't connect. I feel letting OQ2014 users connect to TT FIX via just entering a username and password would reduce a lot of human error that can come up when entering all the other info currently required.

2. I understand TT has many server side execution algorithms/order-types, such as server side trailing stops, server side multi-profit-targets, server side multi-leg orders and so on. It would be great if OQ2014's TT FIX Order Execution allowed users to use these TT server side execution algorithims/order-types.

Thanks for the consideration.

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