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Improvements to OQ2014
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Author:  mikembb [ Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Improvements to OQ2014

Dear all,

1.) would be nice, if you can add line numbers to the GUI. Same as you have in the older versions of OQ.
2.) It would also be great, if you can add provide a list of override void functions again, like you had in the old version - this helps navigating through the code.

3.) Would it be possible, to add like this from previous version: order.ExecutionReports.Last in OQ2014 equivalent: order.Reports.Last (which is guess is build like this: o.Reports[o.Reports.Count-1])

4.) When I add new classes to my Strategies, would it be possible to also include them into the context sensitive help (if I push Ctrl+shift after starting to tpye). Including all available objects from that class.
4.a)Same with this, when I type:
}catch(Exception ex)
{ ex. " and then Ctrl+shift I do not get to see the Exception objects"
4.b)Then in my context help, I see many funny names, or am I missing a font?
funny names in context help.. see attached.

Thanks for your support.


ContextHelp.JPG [ 30.33 KiB | Viewed 4911 times ]

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